Earlier in the year we hosted a forum with nora the National Online Retail Association.  A division of division of Amazon based in Singapore that signs on retailers to sell through their platform into the North American Market met with our retail clients and contacts.  Obviously Amazon create numerous opportunities to clip the ticket on the way through in this business model.  However, like other retail behemoth's like Westfield they do provide a channel to market at the cost of margin to the retailer.  The full entry of Amazon in Australia as a seller to consumers certainly has the potential to generate further rapid change for Australia's retailers.  However it is not as if this hasn't been what retailers in Australia have been dealing with for years. 

Our most recent poll on digital transformation showed retailers much less concerned with digital disruption than other industries. http://www.grantthornton.com.au/insights/reports/disrupting-the-status-quo-technology-landscape-survey-2016/

Yes, Amazon will change things but retail hasn't been destroyed in the US, the UK, France or other markets, so why should we expect any different here.  The consumer flow on Amazon is also two way. Opportunities present to sell into other markets by leveraging the Amazon platform.  So at the risk of sounding overly clichéd there are risks and opportunities there for savvy retailers.  I don't see destruction anytime soon, significant change yes but not destruction.