Walking past UK High Street retailer TopShop in Chatswood, Australia last week, I noticed a large shop front advertisement for Black Friday sales. I was struck by how global that Friday after Thanksgiving had become even if Thanksgiving itself hasn't really taken off outside of North America.  

As consumers buy globally, retailers must also compete with discounts offered in other markets. That said there was something else that attracted my attention.  There were progressively higher drop out rates the more mobile the platform.  As the volume of viewers and sales migrate off desktop onto mobile platforms that shift down in sales conversions must be starting to hurt.  I am still amazed how very difficult it is for many consumers to transact via mobile  Many websites are still not optimised for mobile.  The move to mobile is gathering apace so one way or another we need to ensure our customers can buy if they choose to.

Our latest research, Disrupting the Status Quo,  suggests pretty much everyone expects mobile to grow further in the next year.  I'll be watching our clients' shopping cart abandonment rates closely and working with them to see what we can do to reduce the rate.

I notice Forbes Magazine reported that 30% of BlackFriday/ Cyber Monday sales were through mobile friendly Amazon.  Other mobile friendly sites did well too.  Unfortunately their shopping cart abandonment rates are unlikely to be released publically  It would be great to compare.